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Gamify And Destroy Your Stress/Anxiety

Where will you be an hour from now? Probably at the same place, still watching Netflix.

How will you be an hour from now? Probably the same old you, a stressed and anxious person.

What if I told you that you could be in a completely different place in an hour? That's right. Give me an hour and I will help you become a less anxious person. I promise.

Stress has become such a commonplace thing that it is no longer even recognized as a problem. But it is one, especially when it is coupled with anxiety of any kind.

To ensure that you're mentally fit, Language of Mind has produced this course. It is available free of cost to you.


  • We have you as the main character and there is a villain named Kang.

  • You need to go on a solo mission to capture Kang.

  • You will need to go on 13 quests in order to complete the mission.

  • Each quest will bring you closer to capturing Kang

  • After successful capture, you will need to build an army to keep Kang in prison indefinitely.

One thing that I can ensure you: it's going to be TOTAL fun.

*** Life can sometimes be extremely difficult ***

It doesn't have to be. When you take this course, you will get the tools to fight anxiety and stress. You will finally be able to live the life that you have always dreamed of.

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The article section is updated once a month with new articles to educate you around the various topics in mental health.

This section is housed in Medium but all the articles are completely free of cost and can be accessed anytime.


YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel is updated once every two weeks and is an attempt to make difficult topics regarding mental health easy and accessible to everybody.

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The column called "Musings of An Anxious Mind" is updated weekly and is an attempt by us to take a humorous approach to living with an anxious mind. The author tries to convince everyone, herself included, that life is not meant to be taken that seriously. Don't forget to subscribe.

About Language of Mind


Language of Mind is a website dedicated to helping you be FIT mentally. Mental health is as important as, if not more than, physical health. And yet we spend so much time buffing our bodies and hardly any effort in working our minds.

If you are a worrier, get stressed easily or are suffering from anxiety disorders like GAD, OPCD etc, this is a good place for you. We have articles, a dedicated weekly column and a free course called 'Gamify and Destroy your Stress/Anxiety'.

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